VIDEO: Vincent Price on KRTV discussing Charlie Russell's Art

Vincent Price KRTV Interview
Source: Youtube

Don't you miss Vincent Price?  There's no one else quite like him.  His velvet-voiced, genteel creepiness made him an enduring horror icon -- so much so that he would "rap" on Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

But this Missouri boy was also a great lover of Western art and in particular Charlie Russell, who he describes as "a great favorite of mine" before lamenting that he can't afford any Russell originals. 

The wonderful unearthed interview presented below is part of a series of marvelous KRTV interviews with celebrities of the late 60s and 70s.  A little ago we showed you the always wonderful Norma Ashby's conversation with a fresh-faced Clint Eastwood in a Great Falls pool hall.  Now we present Mr. Price's interview, filmed the same year.  Apparently it was a big year for celebrity sightings in Great Falls. 

Vincent Price and Norma Ashby
Source: Youtube

In the interview, Price discusses his desire to have a Charlie Russell ashtray, his abiding love for Native-American art, his opinion on whether men or women are better cooks, talks about his affection for the "young director Roger Corman" (still alive today at 94 years young), and of course, plugs his brand new, upcoming movie: "Theater of Blood."  

It's a different side of Vincent Price than we are used to seeing, and just another example of the very fine journalism that came out of Great Falls' KRTV in the 70s.  

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