VIDEO: Have You Ever Seen the Montana Tooth Pull?

Tooth pain
The Montana Tooth Pull is NOT for wusses.

Everyone knows we do things a little differently in Montana.  We eat Rocky Mountain Oysters by the bucketful (the iron is good for you), we ride horses standing up, and wear bear guts as garters.  There's a reason why the rest of the country is pouring into the state in droves,  and its not the gorgeous views, proximity to nature, or the country living.

It's because they all want to be as badass as us. 

Montana Tooth Pull
Source: Youtube

But how could anyone (except maybe Alaskans - hello up there Alaska!) be as badass as Montanans, a state so ludicrously tough that our children take their own baby teeth out with a bow and arrows.

Yes, you read that right.  It's a Montana trick-of-the-trade secret familiar to all Montana's children.  Lord, how I remember shooting my teeth out one by one.  I'd hide them under my pillow and at night, while I was asleep, the Montana Tooth Fairy would replace them with a great big shiny bear claw.

Toothless Man
This local hero has undergone several successful Montana Tooth Pull operations, and he's fiercely proud of it.

And now it's been captured on camera for the first time ever, so that even you out-of-staters can give it a try: 

Allow us to introduce you to the Montana Tooth Pull.

Don't try it at home, unless you're SERIOUSLY TOUGH.  Watch the video below, and try not to be jealous.

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