VIDEO: Yellowstone Snowmobile Tour Gets Way Too Close To Bison

We think that the people who filmed this video are genuinely blessed - they should go try their hand at the slots at their local Lucky Lil's.  Part of a recent snowmobile tour through Yellowstone, they got alarmingly close to bison, and then managed to get the bison riled up due to the sound of their snowmobiles.  The lucky part is that they didn't get trampled.  

Then, the male bison closest to the videographer is clearly trying to cross the trail, and the snowmobilers are moving up every time there is any slack in the line of tourists, not allowing him to cross.  This is not the smartest possible behavior.  They should definitely allow the bison some room to go where they please. 

Further up the trail, there is a moment when the sudden revving of a snowmobile's engines causes a couple of bison to panic.  The bison abruptly turn and run - again, they were very lucky that the bison didn't feel threatened enough to charge at the snowmobile instead. 

However much these people paid for their tour, whether this is their vacation, and even the intent of the tourists are all immaterial to the bison.  These are wild animals, prone to sudden changes in mood.  

They're not singing robot children on "It's A Small World," and they're not on the side of the trail for the tourist's amusement.  Please be careful and respectful around wild animals.

See the whole video below, and be aware that it contains some foul language. 

Source: Youtube channel Storyful Rights Management

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Mark (not verified) , Sat, 01/08/2022 - 07:34
Tourists they drive me crazzzy too,
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