VIDEO: Young Women Get Nervous as Bison Approaches Car in Yellowstone

Adrift in a sea of bison
Source: Youtube

A couple of young ladies on a road trip found themselves adrift in a sea of bison when they visited Yellowstone.  But thank goodness they brought their phones so that they could film it all for our benefit.  

"Oh. My. God," one of them intones as a bison walks past the side of the car. 

Then the other exclaims a minor curse word we shall not repeat here, and the other woman snaps her attention to the front of the car, where a great big bull bison is getting awfully close to the front of her car. 

It is unclear what the bull's intentions are regarding these young ladies, but we certainly hope it's not lascivious.  But whatever they are, this bull is interested.  

Bison and car
Source: Youtube

"I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared," the young woman says. 

At this point it becomes apparent that the bull may just be itchy, rubbing the underside of its great bearded neck against the hood of the car. 

"What is it doiiinnnggg?" asks the young woman, nervously. 

Then the bison begins to walk around to the side of the car, and the camera turns off.  We're not sure what happened next, but as long as they young women didn't hop out of the car and attempt to ride him into the sunset, we presume they're just fine.

See the whole video below, and wish you were in Yellowstone right now... 

Source: Youtube

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