WATCH: Dramatic Viral Video Shows Fire On Mount Sentinel

Fire breaks out on Mount Sentinel
Source: Youtube

A dramatic piece of time-lapse video recorded on August 20 in Missoula, Montana shows flames sweeping up Mount Sentinel, located just east of the University of Montana campus.  The footage begins shortly after the first appearance of the fire and continues until most of the hill's side was burned.  

Fire containment crews were on hand, dropping a mix of water and fire retardant onto the blaze.  Their efforts to stop the fire were successful.  Investigators in Missoula say they know what cause the fire, and that the fire was started by humans.  They have not issued more information, and we do not know whether the fires were intentionally or accidentally started. 

Fire on Mount Sentinel, Missoula
Source: Youtube

The video comes as fire season is in full swing in Montana.  Multiple fires throughout the state are still raging as firefighters battle to put them out.

Please remember to exercise every caution during fire season.  Never throw a cigarette out of your car, make sure that campfires are completely extinguished before you leave, and monitor the fire safety reports if you intend to go into wooded or backcountry areas. 

Watch the full video below: 

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