Best of Montana Business Contestant FAQ

What is the Best of Montana Contest? 

Best of Montana is a statewide contest where our audience (and your customers) nominate and vote on the best businesses across a range of groups and categories. There are three phases: 1) Nomination 2) Voting and 3) Winners.

During the nomination phase, people will nominate their favorite businesses. Participants are allowed to nominate one business for each category every day. The top 5 businesses from each category with the most votes will advance to the voting phase. One random participant will receive a $500 cash prize at the end of the nomination phase, with the winner announced via our email list. 

During the voting phase, participants will vote for their favorite businesses and can do so once per category each day. Another random participant will receive a $500 cash prize at the end of the voting phase, with the winner announced via our email list. 

During the winner's phase, after voting has closed, votes will be tallied. One winner and two finalists for each category (the top 3) will be permanently listed on our Best of Montana page. Throughout all phases, we will leverage every aspect of our marketing platform to drive traffic to the contest and increase participation. We also help enable you to encourage your customers to participate by nominating and voting for your business (details below). 

Where Can I Find Ad Specifications? 

How Can I Advertise My Business On the Ballot? 

If you would like to place ads for your business on the contest page to promote nominations and votes for your business, please email [email protected] and we will get you set up right away! 

What is the schedule?

  • Nomination Phase: March 15 through April 20
  • Voting Phase: June 15 through July 20
  • Winners Announced online on August 1st and featured in a special section of our Fall issue, which is published on September 15. 

How do I get Nominations & Votes?

  1. The absolutely best way that you can get more nominations and votes is to sign up for one of our Best of Montana marketing packages. Please email [email protected] and we will get you set up right away! 
  2. Ask for them! Download our business toolkit below for free graphics to use on your website, email newsletters, and in your email signature! Put a link to your category (using the links below) everywhere you can think of! 
  3. Leverage Your Social Posts: Use the #BestOfMontana and #DistinctlyMontana hashtags in your social posts when you ask for nominations and votes! On Instagram, tag @distinctlymontana - to leverage our huge following!  
  4. Send reminders: Post regularly on your social media accounts, asking your followers to nominate your business, and provide this link:  
  5. Repeat: Send emails to your customer database/newsletter on these recommended dates: 
    1. March 15: Nominations are open! 
    2. April 1: Friendly Reminder to nominate. 
    3. April 18: Last call to nominate - nominations end on 4/20. 
    4. June 15: Voting is Open! 
    5. June 30: Friendly Reminder to Vote
    6. July 17: Last Call - Voting Ends on July 20. 
  6. Speak Up: Tell your customers which categories you want votes in. Download the business toolkit and put up posters everywhere, put a link and our email signature logos in your email signature with the links below and ask for votes everywhere you can think of!
  7. Let Us Help: We will be promoting the contest, but you can also promote it using the many free resources available in our business toolkit below for use in all of your print and digital marketing campaigns. 

    Where can I find short links to the categories?

    Here are some handy short links to each of the categories. You can also create QR codes from these links for use in your promotional materials. 

    Business Marketing Toolkit  

    Our business marketing toolkit is a comprehensive marketing kit that includes PDF posters with QR Codes to display by your cash register, tables, and anywhere your customers are, web banners of various sizes, social media graphics of all sizes, and more! 

    Click Here To Download Your Free Business Marketing Toolkit! 

    Note: Distinctly Montana owns all copyright, including Best of Montana images and other intellectual property rights in materials that are created by Distinctly Montana for our advertisers. Reproduction of those materials without our expressed consent is a violation of copyright law. All Best of Montana images must include the "Nominate Us" or "Vote for Us" verbiage; use of the blank contest logo is prohibited. If you have any questions, please contact Chris Muhlenfeld at 406-595-8208.

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    Janet Heath (not verified) , Sat, 03/26/2022 - 07:47
    I've had the opportunity to eat Bison in Montana that was locally raised and it was the best meat I've ever eaten. Not only was it the most tender but the taste was beyond my expectations.
    Emilie Dohleman (not verified) , Sat, 03/26/2022 - 08:26
    Want to nominate Stix in Bozeman for best yarn store. What category should I use?
    Sheryl Goff (not verified) , Tue, 03/29/2022 - 16:36
    I would like to nominate Stockman Bank, with 36 locations throughout Montana. They began in Miles City and now blanket the state. Stockman Bank is Montana's brand of banking. I am a a long-time, very satisfied customer and retired from their Bozeman - Oak location.
    Nikki (not verified) , Tue, 03/29/2022 - 23:27
    I'm nominating my favorite burger and pie cafe-- "Glen's" in Florence MT. I've been going there on and off for a decade and raised my son eating their amazing cheeseburgers. their meat is from their own cows and is locally processed. You just don't get to taste this kind of burger anymore. Then there are their homemade pies. I have never been a fan of pie unil at tried "Glen's" and honestly I could care less if I ever eat another pie again unless it's from there. The've been baking them for forty years and truly have the art form down. I love the fact that it's an old school, mom and pop place ( although I believe mom and pop are gone and it's kids and grandkids now. They work hard to keep locals happy.
    Tina Neuman (not verified) , Wed, 03/30/2022 - 12:58
    I nominate and vote for Quinns Resort. Great place to eat lodge and soak. Been there many times and will be going in the future.
    Kathy Wilson (not verified) , Wed, 03/30/2022 - 20:26
    Quinns is # 1 with us. The Wilsons and the Goldens try to go monthly !
    Marcia (not verified) , Sat, 04/16/2022 - 18:47
    My family loves Quinns. They have our family's vote for a great getaway close to home!
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