VIDEO: Vacationing Family Sees Bear Fall Through Thin Ice

Bears make mistakes too.  Just like humans, they can misjudge how safe a surface is, how thick a layer of ice is, or how much they weigh.  And just like for humans, that error in judgment can result in an embarrassing gaffe - or a life-threatening situation.  Of course, there are a few ways in which they have the advantage over us; insulating layers of fat and fur (a few of us might lay claim to the fat, but very few of us have the fur) to protect them against cold water. 

This video was filmed on Lake Tahoe in December, when a family had rented a cabin on the water.  They looked out of their window one day and noticed a bear approaching the cabin, possibly to investigate a duck that was standing on the surface of the ice.  Unfortunately for the bear, he weighs a lot more than a duck. 

In the words of the family, "on the original video you will hear when the ice started to crack. The whole scenario lasted 4 mins. My friends tried to call Animal Control, but before they were able to speak to someone, the bear was able to pull himself up."

You've got to admit - the family's reaction is cute.  They are genuinely concerned for the bear, even wondering whether to call animal control.

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube channel ViralHog

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