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Distinctly Montana is always looking for bold new voices and artists with a keen eye. If you are a writer or photographer, we want to hear your fresh perspective.   

DM loves to tell stories about Montana, or at least in which she's one of the main characters. We value the whole state, from East to West, and we love stories about Montana's culture, wildlife, people, natural history, and human history.  

We are often interested in hiking, hunting, skiing, fishing, and outdoor recreation in general, and we are not against publishing lists of great places to hike to, great locations to visit in Montana, etc., but we still want the writing to be high quality and for the featured locations to be interesting - in other words, not just regurgitations of information found on TripAdvisor or Google Maps.

We like exciting perspectives, humorous and personal essays, interviews with compelling Montana figures, writing that explores the history and culture of Montana or the west, and articles that are informative without being dry. We like quirkiness where appropriate and a strong, clear voice. We want well-crafted, thoughtful stories that engage with some facet of Montana. We love a good laugh, now and then. 

Distinctly Montana accepts queries and submissions via email - please send an email featuring the word "Query" in the subject line, and know that it might take us up to two months to respond. We print the magazine quarterly, and the current and upcoming issues tend to be already assigned, so if your story is seasonal, make sure that you pitch it to us well in advance of the season. If there are photo opportunities for the piece, let us know about them.

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