The Distinctly Montana Gift Guide for Bear Lovers

bear presents

If you really want to give someone a taste of Montana, don't go with huckleberries or rainbow trout - give them the gift of fear instead. Remind them that at any moment, 700 pounds of grizzly bear could just come smashing through their wall and tear them asunder. Now that's what it means to be a Montanan. 

Grizzly Bear Paw Cast

You could buy them a PLASTER CAST OF A GRIZZLY BEAR PAW, hand-cast in hydrocal plaster and then painted to maximum realism. Our best selling item in the whole store makes a powerful statement on a coffee table, desk or hung on the wall. Then your friend, loved one, or even coworker can live with the constant, terrible knowledge of what a grizzly bear's paw would look like right before he takes a playful swat at their face, or steps on them. 

Grizzly Bear Paw Cast


Black Bear Night Light

Or let's say you buy them this BEAUTIFUL BLACK BEAR NIGHT LIGHT, which, aside from being perfect rustic decor for cabin or lakehouse, casts a warm glow on your hallway, bedroom, or bathroom, just soft enough to be comforting but not so bright it'd keep you awake. Simultaneously, it would also train the night walking guest, eyes heavy with drowsiness, to always be vigilant for ursine attack, even in the night.

Bear nightlight


Grizzly Bear Hardwood Cutting Board

For the chef in your life, we recommend the gorgeous GRIZZLY BEAR HARDWOOD CUTTING BOARD. Made of heirloom wood that should last for decades, polished to a rich sheen with mineral oil, with handy juice grooves for an uncluttered experience, and engraved with a striking design of grizzly bear with or without the word "Montana", it'd make a handsome gift as is. It's also a good opportunity to reflect that if the good Lord hadn't things the way they are, and if bears had thumbs, they'd master cutting boards, too... And we'd have to worry about being sauteed or flambeed!

bear cutting board


'Do Not Feed the Bears' Rustic Barnwood Sign

Both useful and great rustic decoration, these DO NOT FEED THE BEARS RUSTIC BARNWOOD SIGNS are made of reclaimed wood salvaged from barns, schoolhouses and other historic Montana buildings. The design of the sign itself is based on similar signs that once graced Yellowstone National Park in years past. It will delight you and your visitors whenever they see it, but it will also tell whatever bears that see it and can read that you will not be offering them food of any kind, and that they will receive no handouts here. 

And that's just a few of the bear-related products we've got at Distinctly Montana Gifts - if you can print a bear's picture on it or carve it in its likeness, we've got it. The only thing we haven't got are products for bears, and as soon as they figure out credit cards we'll have gifts for them as well.

Do Not Feed Bear sign


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