The Distinctly Montana Guide to a Breakfast Worthy of a Cowboy

DM guide to cowboy breakfast

Are you a big fan of Cream of the West? If not, stop reading this, and go get some. If you're at work, tell your boss you've got a breakfast emergency and leave early. If you're in class, raise your hand and tell your teacher or professor that you have more important educational opportunities to pursue at the moment. If you're in church, ask God for forgiveness - He'll probably understand. Heck, He's probably a big fan Himself. 

But suppose you're already an expert in Cream of the West, the series of delicious, whole-grain hot cereals that make every breakfast feel like a nourishing morning around the chuckwagon (except fewer stinky cowboys around). Well, then why not give the gift of Cream of the West to others with one of these easy pre-packaged gift sets?


Now, you might hear three cowboys and a rope and expect some kind of horrible scenario where one of those cowboys will end up at the end of the rope, possibly for cattle rustlin'. But no, this is something a whole lot more pleasant and tasty: three varieties of Cream of the West, bound with twine. Also included is a handsome rustic spoon so you can eat your cereal like a real cowboy. Just don't try to steal someone else's bowl, or you might be subject to some vigilante justice.

Three cowboys and a rope



As fantastic as "Cream of the West" cereals are, a cowboy can't stay upright in the saddle all day on cereal alone. To that end, the "Wake-Up Call" gift set also includes buttermilk flapjack mix and a bag of robust Camp Coffee, the rootinest, tootinest coffee ever made. Brew it up extra strong, and when you can throw a horseshoe on the top without it sinking to the bottom of the pot, you know it's ready. 

wake up call



If the real working cowboys of the late 19th and early 20th century had been able to avail themselves of hearty "Cream of the West" Montana Mix granola mix, those arduous cattle drives would have been done in a five-day workweek. Containing a delicious mix of rolled oats, barley flakes, dried cranberries, flaked coconut and almond slivers, Montana Crunch will make you feel like you could jump a 10-foot tall barbed-wire fence.  

montana crunch



Here it is, the "Cream of the West" gift set to end all gift sets. We reckon that if cowboys of the old west had the "Chuckwagon" gift basket at their disposal, they would have been driving those cattle right up to the North Pole and back and still would have had some energy left over for a military invasion of Canada. Or, boo hiss, North Dakota. This basket's got everything: Roasted Wheat, Roasted 7-Grain, and Roasted Ranch Oats cereals; add 7-Grain Buttermilk Flapjack Mix, Montana Crunch, Cowboy Seasoned Breading Mix, and Montana Morning coffee beans. Then squeeze in Chokecherry Syrup, Sweet Clover Honey, and a Cookbook of Country Favorites. Now that's a goldarn value.



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