Portrait of Finetta Lord Posing With Bear She Shot

This wonderfully detailed portrait shows Finetta Lord, wife of Bitterroot valley photographer Bertie Lord, posing with a black bear that she killed.  She is holding the gun she used to do so. 

Herbert "Bertie" Lord was an important figure in the history of the Bitterroot Valley.  In addition to taking photos like the one below, he also kept a journal from the age of 12 onward, making his view an important historical perspective on turn-of-the-century Montana. 

In 1950, Bertie wrote this into this diary: "Many changes have taken place in the Bitter Root since the 80s. Some for the better, some for the worse, but all things considered I believe I liked the old days the best when there was not so many people and every man stood on his own feet. Of course, we had to face many hardships, but we also had some advantages to offset them and I believe the people enjoyed life as well or better than they do now in this fast age." 

His wife Finetta was a strong and independent woman, as this photo suggests. 

Bertie lived until 1963, while Finetta lived until 1954.

See the photo below, and be sure to zoom in to catch the details!

Source: Montana Memory Project

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