Raptors of Montana

Photo Shoot

A male Prairie Falcon, an open country bird that feeds primarily on ground squirrels all summer then switches to a diet of birds after the squirrels retreat underground. 

2  Barred Owls are becoming more common in Montana, successfully competing with Great Horned Owls in many locations. Their call has been likened to the phrase, "Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you-all?"

Golden Eagles are birds of rugged big sky country, usually breeding on cliffs and building bulky stick nests. Huge numbers of northern birds migrate through Montana each spring and fall,  following the mountain ridges of the Continental Divide.  

Great Horned Owls are very common, living in all sorts of habitats and feeding on a wide variety of animals, even skunks. They are year-round residents, and like all owls, they don't build their own nests. These birds use stick nests of hawks or crows, and breed in the late winter and early spring

5  Baby Red Tailed Hawk

6  Northern Pygmy-Owls are daytime, bird hunters. In the winter, they move from the higher altitudes into the valleys where the weather is milder.

7   A male American Kestrel, our most common falcon and a bird that is often seen perched on telephone lines and hovering over fields searching for rodents and   grasshoppers. Females have a different plumage, and are all brown on the back with a barred tail. 



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