Three Turn of the Century Portraits of Chief Joe La Moose

Joe La Moose
Source: Montana Memory Project

Here are three historical portraits of Salish chief Joe La Moose, two taken by Missoula photographers and one a photograph of a black and white drawing, date and artist unknown.

In the first photo, an aged Joe La Moose appears dressed in his finery, including headdress and pipe.  Teepees can be seen in the background.  This photo was taken by Missoula commercial photographer R. H. McKay, who was active from between 1911 through the 1940s.  This, combined with Joe La Moose's age suggests that the photo may have been taken later than the other two portraits displayed below.

Joe Lamoose with his wife and child
Source: Montana Memory Project

The second photo was taken by Missoula photographer Edward H Boos.  Boos operated in the Missoula and surrounding area some time earlier than McKay, and La Moose looks considerably younger in this shot, posing with his wife and child.  

Again, La Moose is pictured in his finery.  His family, too, is dressed up.  Between his or her mother and father, Joe La Moose's child huddles, camera shy.

Portrait of Joe La Moose
Source: Montana Memory Project

The final image is a photo taken of a black and white drawing of Joe La Moose, here identified in the Montana Memory Project archives as a Flathead Chief.  Of the three pictures, he appears to be the youngest in this handsomely executed portrait. 

Do you have any historical information about Chief Joe La Moose?  Please comment and let us know -- we would like to know more about the man.    

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Matty Ross (not verified) , Wed, 06/22/2022 - 16:10
Joe Lamoose Lived on the Flathead reservation, He was however part Salish and a Grandson of "Aeneas Paul Grand Lamoose" Iriquois who was hired by the Northwest fur trade company and later the Hudson Bay Company. Many Iriquois were hired to Trap and trade From Eastern Canada and The US. Some traveling with Explorers like David Thompson and Jocko Finley all the way to the Pacific.
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