VIDEO: Aggravated Bison Chases After Yellowstone Snowmobilers

It's their park, and we're just visiting. It's an important lesson to remember, and one that a couple of tourists forget every year. Last year the most notable example was the South Dakota woman who got way too close to a bison and lost her pants in the process.  

This video, filmed at the Park in 2019, is titled "Bison Attacks Snowmobile," but it looks a little more playful than that to us.  Which isn't to say that it couldn't have turned ugly at any moment. 

A handful of people were enjoying a scenic snowmobile trek through the park when they encountered a bison on the road.  They tried to give it a wide birth as they passed it, but only succeeded in getting to chase alongside. 

Then, in one exhilarating moment, the bison turns as if it is about to charge the snowmobile, which wouldn't have been pretty for anyone - not the bison, and very definitely not the snowmobile's rider.

But hey:it's always a good thing when no one loses their pants!

See the whole video below:

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