VIDEO: Baby Bison Causes Yellowstone Traffic Jam

We're not the only ones saying it, but we'll add our voice to the choir when we repeat, for the umpteenth time, "Please don't approach the bison." Heck, you're probably tired of hearing it.  

Don't approach them even though they're cute. Don't approach them even though they're sleepy. Don't approach them if you have the urge to commune with nature. Don't approach them even if you think it'll make a great photo op. Just, please, don't touch them. 
That's the message we wish we could relay to this tourist at Yellowstone National Park who left his car for one of the silliest reasons of all - to get a bison out of the road. Granted, he didn't get close enough to the bison to pet them, showing that he has some sense, but he's still getting too close. Plus, why go to Yellowstone National Park to be in a rush? Rather than get impatient with the noble bison, symbol of the American West, why not enjoy being able to see them (fairly) up close?


According to the folks who filmed the video on the 13th of May, 2021, " a lone exhausted baby bison just laid down on the Grand Loop Road in the northern tier of Yellowstone National Park. The little guy was quickly surrounded by protective cows. No one was going anywhere. Of course, one gentleman had to get out of his truck and walk towards the Bison and front to see what was going on. He risked his own safety to do it by doing what the park tells you not to do, approach a bison. Let alone a cow and newborn calf."

Finally, the tired bison calf decides it's had enough of a rest and gets up, thus ending the traffic jam.  

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube channel Viral Hog

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