VIDEO: Battle of the Ages Elk vs Vehicle

Elk are an iconic creature of Montana. We see them prancing through majestic fields and bugling in hopes of finding mates as winter encroaches. One thing we all know is when elk are in rut, you don’t mess with them. Every year, we see articles about tourists, occasionally locals, being charged at, or even gored is a worst case scenario.

In this video, we get a front row seat to see a bull elk challenge a car. In this instance, the vehicle wasn’t going 60+ miles per hour, so it was a happy ending for both the car and elk. The massive animal is on a mission to show who's boss on this road. As vehicles slow down to avoid and gaze at the amazing animal, he starts to poke and prod a truck with its antlers. Before any damage can be done, the driver decides to veer away and drive off.

Now the elk probably saw the vehicle as a threat, but he also might not like blue that much!

Watch the video below!

Source: YouTube ViralHog

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