VIDEO: Battling Bison Make It Hard to Sleep at Yellowstone Campground

Bison battle in Yellowstone campsite
Source: Youtube

This is the bison's country; we just live here.  

They were here before we were, and chances are they'll be here when we're gone. After all, they managed to survive near-total eradication on the continent. And don't forget, Yellowstone bison are the meanest and toughest of them all - Yellowstone is the only place in North America where wild North American bison survived the glut of hunting in the 19th century. 

So when you camp in Yellowstone, you've got to realize that bison and/or grizzly bears, black bears, elk, badgers, moose, and possibly Bigfoot are bound to wander into your camp. And maybe, like the bison captured in this video, they'll form their own fight club as well. 

And it was probably rutting season when this was filmed, that magical time of the year when a male bison's fancy turns to thoughts of love and rampage. Every year, rutting season is accompanied by a litany of smashed cars, popped tires, and injured tourists. Hell hath no fury like a rutting bison. Well, except for a grizzly bear, maybe.   


Night of the living bison
Source: Youtube

One thing you can say for the campers in this footage is that at least they're not running up and trying to get selfies with the buffalo mid-tussle. Nor are they trying to set their children on their backs for the ultimate Yellowstone Instagram post.  

Instead, they remain a respectful distance from the animals, probably praying to whatever god they worship that one of those big angry bulls doesn't get a wild hair and charge their RV, or worse, their rental.

Look how many bison have collected at the campsite by the end of the video. It's an awful lot of bison in close proximity to people. 

But on the other hand, the bison probably think it was an awful lot of people uncomfortably close to them. After all, as we mentioned earlier, they were here first. 

Check out the video below, and leave a comment if you've ever been that close to a bison while camping

Source: Youtube

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I think that is a vote for NOT camping!
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