VIDEO: Bear Stuck In Car Breaks Laminated Glass To Escape

Bear about to escape from van
Source; Youtube

We don't know much about the background of this video, but boy, is it a corker. We've definitely shown you videos in which bears were interested in getting into cars, but we've never shown you one where the bear is escaping from one!

The video was taken in Asheville, North Carolina and shows a bear sitting in the driver's seat of a man's car. Again, we don't know how the bear got in there, but maybe the man was trying to give it driving lessons. At any rate, at the beginning of the video the man is approaching the driver's side door in order to try to let the bear out. But if you look closely at the window you'll notice that somehow the bear has his claws around the top of the laminated glass window, and is bending it back. 

At the moment that the man is nearly to the car's door handle, the bear succeeds in bending the laminated glass far enough back that the window shatters, a feat of great strength that we reckon most people wouldn't be able to pull off. 

Bear escaping from van
Source; Youtube

It might be noted that the whole time the bear is doing that, he's also laying on the horn.  

Then the bear is shimmying out of the window, deftly getting his head and shoulders, and then upper body, and then the rest of him through. Then he lopes away casually, as if he has to escape from locked cars every day. 

Thank goodness that the man wasn't standing close enough to get a faceful of laminated glass, and thank goodness too that the window was down a couple of inches, or that man and that bear may well have reached an impasse. 

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube

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