VIDEO: Big Sky Bear Breaks Into Car for Candy Bar

Car door handles are so easy to use that even a bear can figure them out.  Plus, they have one of the strongest senses of smell in the animal kingdom.  So strong, in fact, that this Big Sky, MT bear could smell a wrapped candy bar from outside of the car. 

Filmed in October of 2019, this video shows a black bear walk right up to a  hatchback, open the car door by its handle, and climb inside.  He quickly finds the candy bar, manages to unwrap it (not like that'd be difficult with their teeth, after all), and then rests on the open door as he calmly enjoys his snack.  He's in no particular hurry, you can tell.

The only slight setback is when he presses his big butt up against the wheel of the car while nosing around the back, resulting in a honk that momentarily shocks him.  But he pretty quickly figures out that there's nothing threatening around and goes back to his hunt for tasty vittles. 

It serves as an important, if still somewhat cute reminder that you should probably lock your car doors, even if you live out of town.  

See the whole video below:

Source: Youtube channel Explore Big Sky

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