VIDEO: Check Out This Astonishing Footage of Montana By Drone

Montana by drone
Source: Youtube

You have to envy Lewis and Clark.  They got to see a Montana that we can only imagine now - a grand wilderness far afield from the concerns of ranchers and railroads, untouched by manifest destiny.   The Corps of Discovery saw things that don't even rightly exist anymore, including the Great Falls of the Missouri River, which, though still pretty, are not the same pristine cascade that they saw.  

Sure, but did they have a drone?

Oh well, maybe the modern epoch has some advantages after all.  Because the absolutely flabbergasting, gobstopping footage below is some of the prettiest Montana footage we've ever seen.

Montana by drone
Source: Youtube

Uploaded to Youtube by the channel "The World Travel Guy," the footage shows drone footage taken in various parts of Montana, including the east entrance to Glacier National Park, Hyalite Canyon and Mystic Lake Falls.  The World Travel Guy himself, mindful that he follows the rules, is quick to point out that all of the footage was taken in public airspace, in locations that allow drones.  

It's the kind of view that, until ten years or so ago, you'd have to be a bird to see.  I guess technological progress has its advantages, after all.

See the whole stunning video below, and check out other videos from "The World Travel Guy" for more breathtaking footage of Western states by drone!

Source: Youtube Channel "The World Travel Guy"

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