VIDEO: Couple Captures Pair of Mountain Lions Fighting On Montana Road

Mountain lions are relatively elusive creatures, not particularly prone to allowing themselves to be seen.  They are expert at camouflaging themselves in their environment, and typically very quiet.  That's why this footage is so rare and thrilling - a Montana couple managed to capture a pair of mountain lions tussling right on the road from the Yaak to Troy, MT. 

In the words of the woman filming, "My boyfriend and I were driving back to Troy from the Yaak to go to a rugby tournament. We were on the Libby side of the drive when these two mountain lions jumped about and were either playing or fighting in the road. They played for a couple minutes and then jumped over the guard rail and took off."

In our inexpert opinion, we agree it looks more like a friendly wrestling match than a real life-or-death fight.  There's something that appears a frisky and high-spirited about the whole thing. 

Mountain lions, though sightings are relatively rare as opposed to deer or other western mammals, have the longest range of any wild land mammal in North America.  They can be seen anywhere from the Yukon to the Andes.  And as this footage shows, they're sometimes eerily reminiscent of our domestic house-cats.  Perhaps that's not all that surprising - house-cats are half wild anyway. 

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube channel ViralHog

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