VIDEO: Cute Bear Cub Startles Mountain Biker

We're not big mountain bikers here at Distinctly Montana. In fact, when it comes to forms of transportation, we reckon we're more likely to portage a keelboat on over the grocery store. But if mountain biking is your thing, then more power to you - just watch out for bear cubs ambushing you on the trail. 

This video was filmed in West Virginia, but it could just as easily have occurred in Montana, or anywhere that outdoor recreation, thick foliage, and wildlife intersect in North America. 
By the way, this video contains some PG-13 level exclamations of surprise from this startled biker. 

The man who shot the video said that he "saw the bear cubs off to the right of the trail before one ran out in alongside me. We looked out for the momma bear but didn’t see her around and kept moving. There were 2 other bikers behind me. There had been many recent bear sightings in this area."

Though the video is very short, you might want to watch it again to notice that the bear cub runs alongside the bike for a moment, probably delighted to have a temporary playmate. Thank goodness Mom wasn't anywhere near.

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube channel ViralHog

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