VIDEO: Deer Attempts to Climb Waterslide, Watch What Happens!

Deer's adventure on water slide
Source: Youtube

Sometimes you see a video online, and it's such a perfect metaphor for the waking nightmare that everyday life has become that you just have to share it.  This video of a poor deer stuck on a water slide is exactly that.  But, thank God, it's also a tale of perserverance and victory!  In short: you and I are the deer, 2021 is the water slide.  Get it?

Just like all of us, the deer blundered into it arrogantly.  It looked at the water slide and thought "how bad could it be?"  But the next thing the deer knew, it was running as hard as it could with little to no success at actually getting anywhere.  The poor little deer got up over and over, and every time that dang ole slide just threw it a new twist.  

Deer on water slide
Source: Youtube

So the deer fell rear-over-teakettle over and over until finally, though sheer strength of will, it forced itself to balance on the slide.  Then, inch by tortuous inch, the deer moved forward and up the final bump in the slide.  Then, after untold minutes of struggle, it got close enough to the side of the slide that it attempted one last hail-mary attempt to get off of the doggone slide.  For a moment, it didn't look good, and it seemed that the deer would slew down the slick surface again. 

But a moment later and the deer had got its hooves on terra firma again, the sheer dread which had animated it only moments before slowly subsiding until, presumably, the deer moved on with its life. 

Let it, therefore, be an object lesson to all of us: Don't give up!  This too shall pass.

Source: Youtube

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