VIDEO: Deer VS Inflatable Frosty the Snowman is THE Epic Battle of the Year

Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier.  Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquaio. Alien vs. Predator. These are the most iconic fights of all time, incredible grudge matches that tested the resolve of both fighters, and from which only one combatant could emerge, victorious, covered in spit, blood and glory. 

And now we've got another: deer vs. inflatable Frosty.

It's hard to say who we would have bet on - Frosty's got size on the deer, but the deer's got the weight. Neither has a heck of a lot of reach, but the deer's probably got the edge. Certainly the deer's a little more mobile, but we suspect that Frosty is better at taking a beating. 

The deer gets in a number of shark hoof-jabs to Frosty's face, keeping him down on the ground for quite a while.  But Frosty's strategy seems to be to wear his opponent out with a war of attrition.  But considering that Frosty spends most of the match face-down on the ground, we're tempted to say the deer wins.  

But the real winner is the housecat that enters in the last possible second (in a plot twist reminiscent of some of the great coups of the World Wrestling Federation) and scares the hell out of the deer. 

Regardless, one thing seems certain: that snowman will never walk again.

Source: Youtube and ViralHog

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