VIDEO: Devious Dog Steals Sweet Morsel of Chinese Food Off Of Table

Dog approaching his quarry
Source: Facebook

Maybe it's a feeling reserved for us bigger guys and gals, but have you ever gotten to the end of dinner and thought, "I could go for a couple bites more?"  

And then, do you ever just sort of, I don't know, sneak a little lick of the table?  

The family in the video below, who are from Texas (which we like to think of as the Montana of the South), had just finished up a meal of some Chinese food. As sometimes happens in the heat of the moment, a little bit of pork fried rice fell on the table. The family went about cleaning up after dinner and didn't think much about it. 

Dog seizing his quarry
Source: Youtube

But there was one member of the household, always watching, always waiting for his chance. Stealthily, he crept up to the table. Then, with baited breath, he got closer and closer to the edge fo the table, and, with the dexterity of tongue with which dogs are blessed, snaked his tongue up and over the edge of the table.  

Cha-ching - jackpot. We don't know what duck sauce tastes like to a dog, but we have to think it tastes pretty good. 

Watch the video below and rejoice, oh dog lovers, in this small victory for dogs everywhere.

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