VIDEO: Elk Have Sunrise Swim Across Lake in Yellowstone

Some videos are just too beautiful for words.  The couple that were lucky enough to see this as it happened, well, we assume they'll remember it forever. 

In their own words: "My husband and I were driving over a bridge and he noticed that the elk were getting ready to swim across. So, I jumped out and caught it on video!! It was 7:51am! The elk were spotted swimming in Yellowstone near Gull Point Drive!"While it may seem counterintuitive given their size and weight, elk are excellent swimmers.  They have hollow hair, which aids in their ability to float, and their layer of fat makes them both more bouyant and resistant to hypothermia in cold waters.  In fact, elk may be required to swim through deep spring runoff to get to food sources.  Swimming also protects them from predators - a bear can swim pretty well, but wolves are reluctant to get wet.


And we're no naturalists, but we presume that elk like to swim because it's fun, too.  

This occurred one morning in September of last year, and we've got to admit - we're pretty jealous. But thankfully, because of the internet, we're able to share in it as well. 

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube channel ViralHog

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