VIDEO: Fort Benton Man Rescues "Cute" Trapped Owl

It sure is nice to hear some good news, isn't it? 

In this video, a young man from Fort Benton, Montana finds a small owl trapped in his basement window.  Somehow the owl managed to fly in through the brush, but is unable to get back out.  The young man, a good samaritan, opens the window to let the owl in because it is quickly apparent that's the only way the owl will be able to get out of his predicament.  

But then, as he says in the video, "there's an owl in my house." 

In the words of the young man, "The owl was trapped under some weeds in a window sill. Ethan saw it struggling to be freed and decided to help it out. He opened the window and it flew in. A couple of minutes later it was caught and handled safely. It was freed within the hour with no harm done."

But there are some funny moments along the way as the man updates the viewer. 

"There's an owl on the fan," he says.

And throughout, the man is rightfully enchanted with his new bird friend.  Even as the owl is perched (painfully, from the look of it) on his hand, the Fort Benton man continues to comment on how pretty the big-eyed owl is. 

Ultimately he sets the owl free, and almost certainly saved his life. 

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube channel ViralHog

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