VIDEO: Good Samaritans Free Bear Cub With Head Stuck In Barrel

Here's a sad story that becomes a triumph of kindness and compassion.  

Four men in Minnesota were checking their bear bait barrels when they found a cub with its head stuck in the barrel. It had presumably been stuck there for a little while, as it was clearly agitated and afraid. The men may be bear hunters, but that doesn't mean they want to see a cub hurt, so they called a game warden for help. When the warden showed up, they all worked together to try to free the helpless creature. 

"Aw, that poor guy," said one of them as they surveyed the scene. 

One of them men braces himself behind the bear cub and grabs onto him, preparing to pull.  

Then the man explains to the others (with a spicy dash of profanity, be warned) that he's going to try to get the bear's head free and then clear the area quickly so that the bear has a corridor to run. The other men agree. Good samaritans are allowed to use a little bad language as long as they save a cute bear cub.

The bear gets free and tears off right towards the camera man, who notes with some alarm and an additional splash of profanity, that it is coming his way. But the bear doesn't want to hurt anyone, it just wants to be free after however long it was stuck in the barrel. I'm sure that it would have said "thank you" if it had been able.  

Or maybe, doing as the Romans do, it would have said "$%&*in thank you!"

See the whole video below, and turn off the sound if you don't to hear these gentlemen's "conversation enhancers."  

Source: Youtube and Viral Hog

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