VIDEO: Heifer in Townsend, MT, Born With Heart In Her Neck

For whatever reason, sometimes Nature or God, however you want to look at it, delivers some unexpected results. Anybody who works on a ranch long enough will see an example - calves born conjoined together somewhere, or with a partially absorbed twin's legs sticking out somewhere. But the deformity on display here is particularly rare, in that they still don't know much about it. According to the Canadian Veterinary Journal, there have only been 118 cases documented at this time.

Here's one of them. 

This heifer was born on a farm in Townsend, MT, and those present could immediately tell that something was wrong. There was a lump in his throat like something out of a horror movie. And it was pulsing. Well, it became pretty obvious pretty fast that the thing was pulsing because it was beating; the lump was the heifer's heart. 

They filmed the video last March of 2019 and that we're not sure how she's doing now, but we have to assume she's passed on. We can also safely assume that an ailment like that would reduce the poor thing's lifespan in the best of circumstances. But when they uploaded the video they reported that she "otherwise appears healthy and can suckle her mother." Here's hoping she's still alive, hale and hearty.  

Similar things happen in the human world as well, with people born with their hearts outside their chest or in places other than their chest cavity. The oldest known case of someone living with the condition is Philadelphia man Christopher Wall, born with his heart outside of his chest in 1975 and still alive. 

See the amazing video below!

Source: Youtube and Viral Hog

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