VIDEO: Livingston Elk Herd Collects On Hill

Livingston elk

Source: Facebook user Tracy Raich

If you're anything like us, the recent dump of snow means that, as much as possible, you're going to be staying inside. Digging your car out would be something akin to an archaeological dig - you could carefully excavate it from the snow, but you could just quit your job and live off of Bisquick powder and the stuff in the back of your freezer for a while. 

Of course, part of you feels guilty because the first settlers in Montana had to get their chores done whether it had snowed buckets or not, but then, that's why they're dead and you're still alive. 

But then you look outside and see someone out there jogging in those real tight pants, and you think, "what are they, nuts?"

Livingston Elk

Facebook user Tracy Raich

Even as you feel a twinge of guilt. 

Well, that's what we feel like watching these Livingston-area elk bound through the snow like puppies. Of course, God made them a little better-suited for the snow, but that's no excuse.  

On the other hand, God didn't see fit to give them thumbs, so they can't build a snowman. And after a weekend like most of Montana had, you could probably go out there and build a snowman 100 feet high, if only you had the scaffolding. 

But as for us, well, we'll just make another mug of hot cocoa.

See the whole video, taken on Super Bowl Sunday, below!

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