VIDEO: Mama Bison Saves Calf From Hungry Wolves

We've all heard stories in the human world about mothers who summon extraordinary strength to save their little ones, lifting automobiles  or fallen trees to free their children, so we know the power of motherhood.  But that didn't originate with humans -- animal mothers are just as fierce. 

In this clip from Discover's "North America," we get to see an American Bison mother attempt to defend her calf from a small pack of three or four wolves.


American Bison standing in Field

What follows is as much a match of wits as it is of horns and teeth.  At several moments it doesn't look too good for the baby bison as the wolf sinks its teeth into its haunches and manages to hold on. 

But the mother bison manages to keep the wolves and her baby largely separate despite all that, using her body to direct and shield her calf.

Wolf pack

Suddenly the calf delivers a sharp kick to one of the wolves, and after that, the mama and her young make a formidable team.  To the baby bison, it's an object lesson in self-defense, and to Mother, it's an opportunity to feel some pride because her baby's got a mean back foot.

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