VIDEO: Oblivious Man Walks Right Up to Bear

Our mothers always told us, watch where you're going!  And we assume that the reason why was for situations exactly like this.  There might be a great big black bear rooting around in the trash right in front of you. 

Filmed in the parking lot of a hotel in South Lake Tahoe, this very short video begins with a bear going through the garbage.  Then the friend of the man filming walks up, right into frame directly behind the bear, which he may have thought was some kind of furry, growling furniture. 

The man filming whispers, "bear! bear! bear!" but the other man can't hear him until the great big, black, fuzzy object in front of him looks up and turns around.  Then, luckily for them both, the bear and the man split and head in different directions.  

Phew, that was close.  

Also, secure your garbage against bears if you're in bear country, folks!

See the whole (short) video below:

Source: Youtube channel ViralHog

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