VIDEO: Is This REAL Footage of a Plane Flying Over Montana?

"Jet" over Big Sky country
Source: Youtube

This really, truly is The Future. 

The more realistic that technology becomes, the harder it is to figure out what is really real and what is high-quality computer imaging. 

There are many uncanny examples at hand, from so-called "deepfakes" to movies bringing back dead actors for one last performance, verisimilitude is the name of the game, metaphorically speaking. 

But perhaps the uncanniest example for us Montanans is watching someone fly through an almost photo-realistic version of the state in Microsoft's absolutely stunning 2020 edition of their ever-more-realistic Flight Simulator.  


"Plane" over Flathead Lake
Source: Youtube

Youtube channel "Have Plane, Will Travel" has been exploring America state by state -- in a virtual plane. Over the course of the long video, the "pilot" flies from Billings to Helena and on to Great Falls, Missoula, the Gallatin Valley, over Flathead Lake, before finishing with a flyover of Glacier National Park, all without leaving his desk chair. 

All in all, it gives us a strange idea, one so crazy it just might work. Do you think we could charge out-of-staters to visit virtual Montana, and keep the real one to ourselves?  

Shhh! Don't tell anyone!

See the amazing video in its entirety below, and leave a comment below if you have ever seen anything like this hyper-detailed (fake) flight over Montana!

Source: Yotube channel "Have Plane Will Travel"

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