VIDEO: This Spring, Save on a Carwash and Just Have a Bison Clean Your Vehicle For You!

Ok, ok, we know, the bison is licking the car so he can get some road salt.  Yeah, yeah, we know that people are being told not to allow this so that the bison (or moose, or deer, or any animal that needs the mineral content of salt) doesn't begin to associate roads and cars with a delicious treat, thus putting themselves at higher risk of being struck or killed.  

Believe us, we know all that.  But let us have your fun, would you?  Because we'd prefer to think the bison is coming up to the car for a little kissy.  Mwah!

The video was filmed in Custer State Park, the same environment in which that seriously angry bison managed to remove a woman's pants by thrashing her about.  Remember that?  Seems like forever ago, doesn't it?

Well, at least this doesn't end the same way.  And also, this lady's having a much better in time.  In fact, as she says in the video, "We are having the BEST time."

Plus, we hate to admit it, but the tourists are correct about the fluffy cows in one regard: they really are pretty cute.  As long as they're not charging at you at 35 mph, and as long as your pants are still on, they're very pretty animals.  

So let us have our fun, and enjoy the video yourself!

Source: Yotube channel ViralHog

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