VIDEO: Two Big Yellowstone Grizzlies Fight Over Elk Remains

Bears about to battle over elk
Source: Youtube

Grizzly 791 managed to kill a bull elk, then he had to haul the thing ashore, and now he has to fight with other grizzlies for the right to the last few scraps.  It's a dog eat dog world out there - or is that bear eat elk world?

The kill on the Yellowstone River south of Canyon Village a couple years ago had been of excitement to naturalists, wildlife enthusiasts and the internet in general.  And the most interesting thing about it is the opportunity to see the changing circumstances of a large mammal kill in the wild.

In fact, it's not unlike a mafia movie.  The bear, our don, pulls a big caper.  Then everyone comes and they want their cut.  First the ravens want some.  Then the wolves.  And then finally, some other wise guys try to move in and take the goods. 

Grizzly bear eating elk scraps
Source: Youtube

You've got to give Grizzly 791 that he is persistent, though.  He has sat next to his kill for the better part of a week, and even though it looks like there's not much left, he's still protecting the remainder.  

He and the other grizzly clash, roaring and splashing in the shallows of the river.  It goes back and forth for a while, with both showing the other their teeth, puffing themselves up, etc.  Finally, one (we think it's 791) retreats to higher ground, and the interloping grizzly bear slinks back into the water with a small piece of bone that still has a few strings of meat attached.  

Watch the video below!

Source; Youtube

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