VIDEO: Yellowstone Bison Herd Halts Traffic While Crossing Bridge

Bison don't care much for roads or trails - which is to say, they don't mind if you're on them.  Aware of their big size, they know they can go pretty much wherever they want, and if, God forbid, someone should try to take a selfie with them or pat them on the head, well, they're not afraid to show you how little they like that. 

Thankfully, no one tries to do anything dumb in this video - they just let the bison pass by, which shows a degree of intelligence sometimes lacking from videos of tourists in Yellowstone. 

It makes sense that bison and other Yellowstone animals will sometimes use the roads themselves.  In the case of bison, it's just the straightest path between two places, but for animals like mama grizzly bears, it can provide a respite from the possibility of attack from adult male grizzlies.  In fact, this is just speculation on our part, but we wonder if bison don't hew close to the road for similar reasons - they are probably less likely to be molested by the Park's wolf packs if they are near to the road. 

Have you ever been this close to a migrating herd of bison?  If so let us know, and watch the whole video below!

Source: Youtube and Viral Hog

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