VIDEO: Tourists Get Too Close to Bison

Too close to bison
Source: Facebook Video

Reports of people getting too close to bison at Yellowstone Park are standard.  But does it seem to you like there may been more than usual this year?  Or maybe that the tourists have been more careless than usual?  Because it sure seems that way to us. 

Another week, another video of people getting too close to bison.  While this isn't quite as offensive as last week's video just by virtue of those involved not being on motorcycles offroad, it's still a shining example of the kind of reckless behavior that puts both bison and people at risk. 

Tourists too close to bison
Source: Facebook Video

The video, shot in Lamar Valley, shows two groups of hikers (or the group on the right may be fly-fisherman; it's unclear from the video) walking too close to bison.  The bison get agitated and cross the water, passing within yards of the hikers.  

The Park advises that all guests stay at least 25 yards away from all wild animals, and 100 yards or better away from grizzlies and wolves.  These park-goers are clearly closer than 25 feet to the bison, which can weigh more than a ton and will think nothing whatsoever about goring an irritating human interloper. 

Watch the video below, and if you've ever had the urge to do something this dumb, please reconsider the decisions that have brought you to this juncture.  


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Neil Rush (not verified) , Wed, 11/25/2020 - 20:05
I was the third angler from the right. We had been fishing at that riffle for several hours, when two groups of bison crossed the road behind us, descended the hill and broke bad into a dead run for the river. I pointed out the danger to our guide, she replied oh s**t, I then dropped my fly rod, took several steps toward the second group, drew my bear spray, and they flared away, crossed the river upstream and they joined the larger herd. I am from Kentucky, I have been around bison (tatonka) before in the Park. I have delt with them in the Lamar Valley before, and on Slough Creek. I have a healthy respect for these 1800 pound animals. In no way were we ,or anyone you see in the film trying to get close to them before they were trying to run us down. We were just fishing, in one of the best rivers in the Park. In no way doing something dumb. After the dust settled , my guide, Emily said, Neil you saved us, I have never seen anyone run at the bison before. My friend Dean, the guy on the extreme right, said ......Will you please stop scaring the fish. It was one of our best days fishing, I ate a bison at the Yellowstone Lodge restaurant later that evening.
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