VIDEO: Grizzly Bear Swims After Moose - Who Is Faster?

Grizzly Bears are remarkable animals.  They're big fat, lumbering beasts, but when they need to move fast, they can come at you at 35 MPH.  Not only that, but they can swim very well too, as this video taken in Alaska shows. 

It reminds us of the video we showed you not too long ago in which a bear entered a river to chase after an elk.  In this case the bear's reach might exceed his grasp - a bull moose like this big guy can weight up to 1500 lbs, while a grizzly bear boar only reaches about 600 pounds, roughly a third of the moose's weight.  That's not to say that grizzly bears can't take down moose - they can and will.  But moose are also very strong swimmers.  

At some point the bear decides it isn't worth the effort and climbs up on shore to lope off, leaving the moose in the water staring at him.  The moose lives on to fight another day, as it were, while the grizzly probably found some easier prey. 

But still: look how fast that grizzly bear can swim!  What beautiful, terrifying animals. 

See the whole video below!


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Gabe (not verified) , Thu, 06/29/2023 - 09:38
Maaaaan he gave up!
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