Edgewater Farms Excursion

When October hits, the feelings of Fall come, whether or not the temperature is agreeing to change or not. People are ready to cuddle up, watch movies, drink hot coffee, and eventually change from summer to winter clothing. One of my favorite things to do when the weather changes is go to a corn maze. Edgewater Farms, outside of Townsend, has all the Fall activities you’d want, a perfect family-friendly weekend spot for anyone. 


When bailing out of the car, you’re greeted with the smell of maple-y caramel corn floating around the property. You can purchase sweet treats at an outbuilding after paying $10 for admission. Make sure to buy your sweet treats before any activities, as they quickly sell out of their popular items like caramel corn and caramel apples.

Sweet Shop

The property was full of families, kids playing, and adults visiting, all enjoying the pleasant weather that evening. A band playing folk and country music was the perfect backdrop for games and walking through the corn maze. Remember to wear appropriate shoes to a corn maze; you never know how mushy the ground will be!

A giant slide stands over the property, giving a great view of all the festivities and a scenic view over the river. The slide is a great entertainer for kids. As I watched, I saw kids continually run back to the top to go down the slide again and again. I decided to get in on the fun, and I have to say, it’s a good slide. Beware of the bumps in the middle! 


After going down the slide, you can walk to the corn and apple cannons to watch kids aim and shoot a canon filled with produce. I was lucky enough to see a kid hit a target and turn around to his dad, yelling in excitement and giving his son a high five. The canon reminded me of the potato cannons people made in high school for science fairs. Kids were excited to try this; it was a crowd favorite for kids and adults.


The middle of the property was plenty of seating and concession stands for a meal off the grill. Placed on the tables were puzzles for those waiting for food or enjoying the music. Around the property, you can find tetherball, four-square volleyball, and corn hole. 


The main attraction for many smaller kids was the ground trampoline, while a hay bale maze for the toddlers was nearby for double-duty parents. Dozens of kids were running around jumping up and down on the red and yellow material, with parents watching their children as they conversed with other adults.


When I think of Fall activities, I think of seeing all the photos of people posing with pumpkins and apple cider for the perfect aesthetic. There are curated photo scenes near the gift shop for all who want Fall photos for social media or holiday cards. 

Tractor ride

As the sun set, the pink and orange sky reflected off the river as the temperature dropped and the almost full moon peaked over the distant mountains. We caught one of the last hay bale rides along the river to a pumpkin patch behind the cornfield. Those who wanted pumpkins could pick one out and purchase it at the store after the ride. Those who didn’t want a pumpkin jumped out, put their faces through a Charlie Brown character board, and snapped a few photos before we loaded up to head back to our starting point.


If Fall is your favorite season, you should go to the corn maze. This is the perfect place to spend the weekend with the family if you want to enjoy the season and get a few pictures to share with family and friends. Edgewater Farms will stay open until the end of October, so hurry over before it closes!

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