VIDEO: Bear Cub Approaches Golfer and Sizes Him Up

Bear cub on golf course
Source: Youtube

Nothing is more surreal than when the world of humans and the world of animals meet in strange ways. All too often, we think of them as separate spheres, but we know better. They overlap and touch in many places, even those where "civilization" encroaches into the wild, like golf courses or resorts.  

Enter bear cub. He walks all the way from the treeline, slowly, curiously, up to the golfer, whose friend has the camera ready to record. Heedless of the humans, the cub walks right up, takes a sniff, sizes the man up, stands up and tries to figure out whether he can at present eat the man, realizes he cannot, and turns around.

He may have recognized human scent as something his mother told him was dangerous. Or he may have disliked the guy's smell, but soon he's off to the edge of the trees again, presumably where his mother is calling for him. 

Speaking of which, where is mama? Wasn't she around here somewhere?

Bear saying hello to golfer
Source: Youtube

Bears and golf courses go together like little white balls and divots; we've seen plenty of examples fo bears walking right onto fairways. Come to think of it, we've even seen a bear cub do a mildly suggestive dance on a putting green. 

But we're not sure we've ever seen such a fearless cub. 

Or such a brave golfer!

See the whole video below, and leave a comment if you've ever had an encounter with a bear cub!

Source: Youtube

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