VIDEO: Bear Cub Brings Pole-Dancing Skills to Golf Course

Pole dancing bear
Source: Youtube

A video uploaded to Youtube show's what we've long suspected: bears make great pole dancers. 

Pole dancing bear
Source:  Youtube

The footage, show at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort (B.C., Canada, not Butte, America), shows a playful black bear cub approach the flag and do a pretty spectacular dance around the flag. 

In the parlance of our times, the bear "gets low."  Then it twirls around the flag, bending it down, and then at perhaps the best moment of choreography, lets the flag go so that it shoots upright again.  It's enough to make Bob Fosse cry.

We at Distinctly Montana would bet that bears are probably among the top 10% of the animal kingdom when it comes to having dance skills.  Number one, of course, is the Corsican Waltzing Bird, followed by the Jesus Lizard, then the North American Black Bear, and finally humans. 

Witness the lord of the dance below:

But in case you want to see what a bear with a little more junk in its trunk is capable of, we have also included a video of a very "thicc" bear doing a routine of its own.  

Which bear bore it better?  Comment below.

Source: Youtube

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Rita Vitalis (not verified) , Mon, 09/14/2020 - 09:46
Fun video! He knows how to move it!
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