VIDEO: Bears and Wolves Playing Together

Bear with wolf buddy
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If you've ever seen Disney children's movie and profound bummer "The Fox and the Hound," then you've been sold a bill of goods by the house of Mouse.  Because at the end of that particular depressing slog, the titular fox and the titular hound realize they can't be buddies because the world won't tolerate their friendship.  They're from two different, irreconcilable worlds. 

Well, "The Fox and the Hound" is complete hog snot, and we've got the proof below. 

Because if foxes and hounds are enemies, then surely there are no more odd a couple than a bear and a wolf.  They have, shall we say, fundamentally different ideas about who should get to eat.  

Bears and wolves used to share the ecosystem of the west, but wolves were hunted to near extinction and then (controversially) reintroduced to the Park and, by extension, surrounding environs.  The result has been a constantly shifting power struggle between individual or family-units of bears and wolf packs.  The one will steal the other's kills, and vice versa.  

Bear and wolf buddies
Source: Facebook

But every so often, a bear and a wolf will become buddies. 

This unique footage, shot in Wyoming by Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures, shows a yearling wolf frolicking with a pair of juvenile grizzlies.  The footage also shows another occasion where the EcoTour guides captured a young wolf jumping and prancing around a pair of grizzly cubs while their patient mother soldiers on.  

No matter how you feel about wolves, or about grizzlies, you've got to admit -- a small part of your heart is at least two to three degrees warmer.  

And we're sure that, unlike the ill-fated pair after which "The Fox and the Hound" is named, these bears and wolves will remain friends forever ever.  

Watch the video below, and leave a comment if you've ever seen any unlikely animal friendships!

Source: Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures Youtube channel

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enchanting and the voice narration was excellent
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