VIDEO: Beautiful White Moose Seen Crossing Road

All-white moose crossing road
Source: Youtube

What a year for rare white animals!  Say what you will about 2020, it's brought us a very rare and sacred white bison born in Montana, and now this very rare all-white moose sighted in Foleyet, Ontario!

There have been sightings of all-white moose in Europe, Alaska, and Canada before, but we haven't heard of any in the lower forty-eight.  Interestingly enough, not all white moose are albino. Albino means that there is no pigmentation in their fur, resulting in red eyes and white skin.  However, some white moose are that color due to a rare but increasing recessive gene that results in white fur, but without albinism's red eyes.  

Some scientists speculate that, though recessive, the gene is becoming more prevalent because hunters just can't bring themselves to shoot the beautiful and majestic animals - meaning that all-white moose has a higher chance of surviving and passing the gene along. 

Albino Moose Crossing Road
Source: Youtube

The folks who were lucky enough to see this dream-like critter were on their way to see their granddaughter just three days ago (the 23rd of September) when they spotted the moose.

After watching the footage and seeing the stunning, bone-white creature walking across the interstate like he owns the place, well, we have to think we couldn't pull the trigger either. 

See the video below, and leave a comment if you have ever seen any all-white animals in the wild!

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