VIDEO: Begun The Moose Robots War Has!

Moose considering robot
Source: Youtube

We always knew the robot war was coming.  What we couldn't possibly have predicted is that it will be fought by robots and... moose?

A video uploaded to Youtube shows a camera looking out of a window at a Norwegian family's yard, where a moose is enjoying a nibble of fruit and grass.  Then an automated lawnmower (nifty!), going about its rounds, gets a little closer than the moose would like, so it offers a warning kick as it so say further encroachment will not be tolerated, this is a line you do not cross, etc. etc. 

Well by and by the robot comes back again, and this time the moose delivers the promised murder-kick.  With one calculated strike of it's spindly but ridiculously powerful leg, the moose utterly destroys the robot and goes back to eating fruit. 

Moose vs lawnmower
Source: Youtube

I don't speak Norwegian, but I assume that the couple filming the video are saying something like "darn, our Sharper Image robot lawn mower is destroyed!  Now Ragnar and Birgit will be the only ones on the block with a fucntioning robot!"

Well, that's it, the opening salvo of a technological war that may someday produce Terminators and Robocops, and it all started with a moose being disturbed by a robot lawnmower not unlike something otu of "Star Wars".  

Now, where can we get one of those sweet lawnmowers? 

But wait!  That's not all!  A little while ago we told you about a beautiful, ghostly white moose in Europe, and now we've come to find out that there have also been footage captured of a white moose also battling a robotic lawn mower!  Incredible!  What is going on out there between moose and lawn mower?  

And will the brown moose, the hero of this story, become the John Connor of post-apocalyptic moose?  

Only time will tell. 

Source: Youtube

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