VIDEO: Big Moose Eats Out of Family's Birdfeeder

We showed the video of a strange brown, furry bird eating the seeds out of a birdfeeder on a family's porch, and now we've got an even weirder bird to show you - anyone seen one of these?  It's a brown throatwobbler!

Filmed on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, the people who shot the video had this to say: "This is a momma moose who likes to wander through our neighborhood on the Kenai Peninsula, in South Central Alaska. This was the second time she came to check out our bird feeder. Most of the time she catches us by surprise! Even though she's so big, she's actually really quiet. I was just hanging out in the living room and heard a sound. Next thing I know I'm seeing her right outside my kitchen window! As you can see, she was very interested in the bird feeder."

In all seriousness, this goes to show that sometimes bird feeders can be dangerous.  Sure, a moose eating out of the birdfeeder is cute and weird (until they kick you), but a bear doing the same is a lot bigger deal.  The notion that you should probably hang food higher in the air so that bears can get it goes as much for bird food as it does for human food. 

That having been said, let's go back to just enjoying how silly this moose looks getting seed out of the feeder - it looks like someone trying to sip coffee out of one of those Starbucks lids they give you now that they won't give you a straw. 

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube channel ViralHog

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