VIDEO: Big Sky Moose Calf Incorrectly Uses Goalie Net, Probably Not Next Pele

Big Sky soccer moose
Source: Youtube

Children are playful, whether they're human, bear, moose or fish. The simple joy of play is something almost every animal can enjoy. 

But so far, learning soccer is something that only human children can do, despite the best efforts of the baby moose captured in this footage recorded in Big Sky, Montana.  

The events in the video occurred on August 31, when a family happened to record a mother and baby moose walking through their backyard. The adult moose is all business, dutifully searching for something she can munch on. But the baby moose has its head turned by the bright color of the soccer goal. Soon the fascinated baby moose can't get enough, rubbing its head against it, trying to figure out what could be its possible use.

Big Sky Soccer Moose
Source: Youtube

Eventually the little guy manages to knock it over, which seems to satisfy him. He may think he's made a goal, since he's not well-versed in the rules of soccer or, as the rest of the world calls it, football.  

Again, through the whole video, Mother Moose waits patiently, as mothers are wont to do, for baby to stop playing. The Mother moose probably doesn't want to discourage baby's soccer dreams.  

Do you think that if he keeps trying he will become the next Pele?  

Watch the whole video below, and leave a comment if you've ever seen an athletic animal playing human sports!

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