VIDEO: Black Bear Gets Closer and Closer to Skunk - Guess What Happens?

Everyone knows that curiosity killed the cat, but what did it do to the bear?  

This playful black bear in Maine learns an important lesson in this video uploaded to Youtube.  The woman filming saw him in her yard, and started filming.  Then she called her husband to let him in on the fun, which is why she is narrating the events. 

Both the bear and the woman were unaware that there was also a skunk in the yard.  It seems like the bear could smell it, because suddenly it bounded over the grass to investigate the polecat.  

"The skunk just charged the bear," the lady says, delighted.  And indeed, the skunk made a feint at the bear very much like a bear's own bluff charge.  The bear, for his part, is undeterred by the skunk's tiny little advance.  That's when the skunk decides to pull out the big guns, and gives the bear a shot across the bow. 

That's enough for the bear, who does as any sensible animal with a nose would do: he runs off, presumably to roll around in the dirt until he doesn't stink so bad. 

Too bad bears can't operate bathtubs, or we'd recommend he fill it with tomato sauce and get in.  Or is it oatmeal?  We might have our folk remedies mixed up. 

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube channel "Viral Hog"

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