VIDEO: Black Bears Battle Beside Bait Barrel!

We really hope that your Thanksgiving day and holiday weekend are peaceful, and that you and your family got along great, with no friction, no discussion of politics, and no arguing about the election. 

For that matter, we hope there was no arguing of any kind, and that no one brought up any of the subjects that invariably cause fights at our table, like: "where would be the worst place to live: North Dakota, or Hell" or "which is the more exquisitely beautiful state park, Yellowstone or Glacier?"

On the other hand, if your family did fight, then we hope at least that it was entertaining to watch, like these Canadian black bears brawling outside of a bow hunter's spot. In his own words, "I was in Canada bear hunting with a bow and came across two black bears fighting." It seems they both found the bait barrel, and both want its contents. It also seems the videographer is a man of few words, or is trying not to reveal his hunting spot, because Canada's a big place.  

And fight they do, although, like most of our Thanksgiving families, there seems to be an element of play involved - they don't seem to want to kill each other, at least. Like our family spats, they're just savage enough to shake the foliage, but nobody died. 

See the whole video below!

Source: Youtube and Viral Hog

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