VIDEO: Deer Eats Hot Dog Off of Grill in Monarch, MT

Filmed on July 22nd of 2021 by a family camping in Monarch, MT, this video shows a large buck with antlers in velvet walk right up to a grill and take a hot dog off. Then he noshes his way through most of the hot dog while the family stares on in disbelief.  

A woman voices what we're all thinking: "what kind of deer eats hot dogs?"

This video is pretty strange, and we definitely would have done a double-take ourselves. But there are times when deer will sneak a bit of meat, especially when they're lacking in a certain nutrient found in meat. They've been seen eating small birds, small rabbits, and now hot dogs. And, in 2017, sorry if you're queasy, a deer was found eating human meat off of a rib bone at one of those body farms that the forensic scientists use to steady decomposition in San Marcos, Texas. So yes, sometimes deer will eat meat. 

Although this big boy looks doesn't necessarily look like he's hurting for meals, does he? Granted, they need more nutrients when they're in velvet, but...

Now, we don't want to get alarmist, so all we'll say is that hopefully they don't come to love meat. On the other hand, Distinctly Montana now owns the rights to that horror film, tentatively called 'Night of the Whitetails."  

See the whole video below: 

Source: Youtube channel ViralHog

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