Video: Deer Tries Out New Look

Now, before you go and laugh at this video, we want you to really be honest with yourself.  This has happened to you too, hasn't it?  Why, it happened to us just last week.  The cereal box said "prize inside," and when we found the temporary tattoo, we thought to ourselves, "there's no way this measly little piece of garbage is the prize.  The REAL prize must be in there somewhere."  And before we knew it, we had the whole box of Captain Crunch over our head, and we had to wander down the street until some good samaritan stopped to help us.  

Filmed in Gallatin Gateway, Montana, the video should be pretty self-explanatory: the deer was looking for a stylish new hat, and stopped to try this bag on for size.  Unfortunately, it was a little too big.

Ahem, alright, no more jokes.  In the words of the woman who discovered the poor deer and filmed this, "Here in Gallatin Gateway, Montana, we see a ton of deer but this was a first for me. The deer must have reached into the sweet feed bag to get the last bit of grain when it got stuck on her head."

See the whole video below, and don't even try to deny this hasn't happened to you too. 

Source: Youtube channel ViralHog

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